Cairn Tails is the electronic newsletter restarted in 2011 for Col. Potter Cairn Rescue Network. It will be sent via email to our subscribers, and will be kept here on our site for later reading.

We are not sure if this will be a monthly publication or every couple of months. Or as a "need to be" for special announcements. We are hoping to keep all of you abreast in the current activities of adoption, post adoption, health and welfare of your cairns. We also want to keep you up-to-date on any fundraisers that we know you would not want to miss out on. This newsletter is written and produced by volunteers of Col. Potter Cairn Rescue Network. If you have any information that you feel would benefit other cairn terrier lovers, please send it to: http://cairnrescue.blogspot.com/;

Web Edition
2011- Cairn Tails - March 2011


The Cairn Terrier Times, was the quarterly printed newsletter for Col. Potter Cairn Rescue Network and was discontinued in 2008 due to the cost of printing and postage to mail these out to our many adoptive homes by USPS mail. The funds spent to do this are better used to help us SAVE more Cairns in need.


Our newsletter highlighted current Col. Potter programs and people as well as discussed concerns of any pet owner, especially those who own a Cairn!. 'Angel Wings' are awarded to non CPCRN members who assist us.

Web Edition

2008 - 13th Edition - Fall Winter
2008 - 12th Edition - Summer

2007 - 11th Edition - Summer
2007 - 10th Edition - Spring

2006 - 9th Edition - Fall
2006 - 8th Edition - Summer
2006 - 7th Edition - Winter

2005 - 6th Edition - Summer

2004 - 5th Edition - Winter
2004 - 4th Edition - Fall
2004 - 3rd Edition - Spring
2004 - 2nd Edition - Winter

2003 - Premier Edition

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We have replaced paper with Blogs!

CPCRN is proud of our CPCRN Blog which welcomes our new dogs into care and our Post Adoption blog which follows our adopted dogs lives into their new homes.

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We also have many YouTube video's both for our Available Cairns and for our General CPCRN Vidoes which we know you will enjoy watching.

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